Do you like minimalistic mindreading?
Being able to reveal ANY thought just using a business card?
No tears, no foldings?

The Subliminal Peek Video will offer you that and more!

 Jerome Finley gives you new ideas to being able to establish a reputation as a mystery performer anytime, anywhere using natural approaches to create realistic results.

Learn in this 45 minute online video 3 ways to peek information (from his The Subliminal Peek eBook) and all his powerful subtleties.

In here you will also learn his own take of the neo classic Millard Longman-Acidus Novus (with his full blessing) and routine from his personal professional repertoire.

Not only that, but you will learn about Contact Mind Reading and other fantastic psychological techniques to not only know information, but to create a real psychic experience for other.

("The Subliminal Peek Video" is an excerpt from Jerome´s Super Mentalism Lecture

• • •